Over 20 years of specialist translations with expertise

Specialist translations for high demands

Since 1994, we have been translating patent texts in the areas of engineering, chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Also technical manuals and operating instructions etc., general terms of business and contracts for out clients. Patent attorneys and medium-sized companies are regular clients of ours. Our staff members are patent attorneys, physicists, chemists, engineers and specialist translators with many years of professional experience.

Our approach is based on solid text analysis, expert knowledge and searches.

Translating patents and technical documents is our speciality; quality and diligence are the principles of our success. We translate close to the original with high precision in form and expression, down to the finest detail.

quality management

The SchollTrans approach to translation ensures consistency in terminology during translation and uncovers inconsistencies in the source text. This checking takes place using the two-person control principle.

We know what you are talking about

A specialist translation needs experts to sit opposite each other so that sense can emerge from mere words. Out translators are native speakers who are versed in the most diverse specialist areas. Precise translations, with the exact sense and stylistically confident. You can expect that from us.

With us, your job is in the best hands